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stilt / ходулочник, свая, ходуля
имя существительное
pile, stilt, post, pale, spile
имя существительное
either of a pair of upright poles with supports for the feet enabling the user to walk at a distance above the ground.
The entertainers stood out from the crowd, especially the drag queen on top of an eight foot high pair of stilts .
a long-billed wading bird with predominantly black and white plumage and long slender reddish legs.
You're likely to see waders as well as a variety of herons, stilts , and even the endangered West Indian whistling duck.
It is best to glaze lightly where the stilt will touch.
She has already been instrumental in reviving the population of another critically endangered native species, the black stilt or kaki.
Common species of shorebirds, such as yellowlegs, dowitchers, black-bellied plovers and ‘peep,’ are often joined by pectoral, stilt and solitary sandpipers.
In the southeast of the state is Inle Lake, where the Intha people live in stilt houses above the water and grow vegetables on floating gardens.
Rising directly out of the stunning blue depths of the Celebes sea on a series of graceful stilts , Kapalai resort seems to almost hover directly over the water with no land in sight either under or around it.
‘I can't remember when I got my very first pair of stilts , but I was very young, and I just went from there,’ she said.
Herons, Egyptian geese, stilts and sandpipers are already frequent visitors to the site.
As soon as Charles took one step outside the building he felt like he was balancing sensitively on a pair of stilts and his body was a thousand pounds.
Not to be left out, the parents had their chance to prove their skills in the Coconut Stilt Race, ending up with some of the parents on the ground and coconut stilts flying, much to the amusement of the crowd.
On the edge I saw a few stilts and a common sandpiper.