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stilly / тихо, безмолвно
quietly, quiet, softly, low, gently, stilly
mutely, dumbly, stilly
имя прилагательное
quiet, silent, soft, low, calm, stilly
имя прилагательное
still and quiet.
the stilly night
quietly and with little movement.
the birds rested stilly
The figure lay very stilly on his bed, the sheets rumpled and wet with his sweat.
In the dusk we walked out onto a little bridge to watch birds, and in the stilly evening, out over the lake an alpen horn began to play.
The waters work, and Jefferson is exalted stilly in his place.
It was a stilly pitch-dark morning; neither moon nor star nor light from house or electricity pole was to be seen.
They wait there, standing stilly even as the bus slows and tries to stop close to that spot, where a brake squeals mightily.