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stillborn / мертворожденный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
(of an infant) born dead.
We did not approach women whose babies were stillborn or died as neonates.
In addition, three stillborn babies died of proved group B streptococcal infection, one during labour.
Their risk of dying in childbirth is doubled and of having stillborn babies trebled, and other physical, sexual, and relationship problems are common.
Tragically, about one-third of these babies are stillborn and the rest die in the first days of life.
This malformation is incompatible with life, affected infants are either stillborn or die in a few days.
Secondary infertility is when you've had one or more babies in the past but can't conceive again, or if you've had one or more miscarriages or stillborn babies.
This Mass will be of particular interest to parents of stillborn infants of babies who died shortly after birth.
Now to get to know him well, it doesn't matter if it's a stillborn baby or a 95-year-old grandfather, what I need to bring from inside of me is the value of doing this.
We did not approach women whose babies were stillborn or died as neonates.
We did not include stillborn children but included children dying from delivery until 31 December 2000 in the cohorts.
Doctors also argue that detailed autopsy of stillborn babies has allowed pathologists to identify viruses that can cause miscarriages.