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stiletto / стилет
имя существительное
stylet, stiletto
имя существительное
a short dagger with a tapering blade.
The crew snarled like roused curs, and some made as if to stand, hands clasping the hilts of cutlasses and swords, daggers and stilettos .
a thin, high, tapering heel on a woman's shoe.
the rapid click of stiletto heels on pavement
But that didn't stop her from drawing out her stiletto and flinging the weapon straight at the his hand, pinning his palm straight to a tree his head rested on.
It won't stifle you with brilliant play, but it will drive a stiletto beneath your shoulder blade when you're not looking.
The weapon wasn't a pocketknife or sheath knife, but a stiletto .
the rapid click of stiletto heels on pavement
He buckled on his sword belt, slipped a dagger into his boot sheath, and tucked a stiletto into his sleeve.
But, if he can already feel the edge of the Russian's sword, at least he has let him know what a stiletto between the shoulder blades feels like.
She tried to drive her stiletto knife into his throat but he threw her off before it touched his skin.
The sparse, terse prose he employed was like a stiletto knife stabbing at the underbelly of post-war Britain.
She flung the stiletto on the table and lunged from the sword once more.
From the vial she poured a single drop of oil on the razor-sharp stiletto blade, and spread it along the cutting edge with a mahogany toothpick.