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stigmatize / клеймить, бесчестить, позорить
brand, stigmatize, stamp, cauterize, blaze, impress
dishonor, disgrace, stigmatize, defame, abuse, blot
disgrace, shame, dishonor, discredit, defame, stigmatize
describe or regard as worthy of disgrace or great disapproval.
the institution was stigmatized as a last resort for the destitute
mark with stigmata.
Gun laws stigmatize the mere act of buying a firearm with an embarrassing ‘background’ check.
The routine aim is to disparage and stigmatize activities or sentiments that displease policymakers in Washington.
So using law to discredit it, or stigmatize it, or just embarrass people who believe it and work to strengthen this connection, is likely to have a real impact on real children.
Most people have violated one or more important norm at some time in their lives, but most people escape discovery, are not stigmatized , and generally do not even regard themselves as deviant at all.
Many patients usually wish to conceal their condition as far as possible, to avoid embarrassment and being stigmatised by visible physical deformity.
The stigmatization of AIDS victims is perhaps the most formidable obstacle in the fight against AIDS in Indonesia - and the world, for that matter.
Indeed, it may be fair to stigmatise the claim as a dishonest claim.
These are ‘isolated incidents,’ mental health professionals like to say, and focusing on them itself leads to stigmatizing the mentally ill.
Blake is stigmatized as a ‘Dead Man’ by the very act of embarking West.
But the challenge ahead lies in making the decree operable, so that it complements other regulations and is adopted by the regions, thus assisting in eliminating victim stigmatization and discrimination in the workplace.