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stifle / душить, подавлять, сдерживать
choke, strangle, stifle, smother, throttle, suffocate
suppress, repress, inhibit, put down, overwhelm, stifle
hold back, restrain, constrain, curb, contain, stifle
stifle, smother, hugger-mugger
stifle, suffocate, asphyxiate, stive
имя существительное
коленный сустав
stifle, knee-joint, stifle-joint
коленная чашка
kneecap, patella, ball of the knee, stifle, knee-pan, stifle-joint
make (someone) unable to breathe properly; suffocate.
those in the streets were stifled by the fumes
restrain (a reaction) or stop oneself acting on (an emotion).
she stifled a giggle
имя существительное
a joint in the legs of horses, dogs, and other animals, equivalent to the knee in humans.
At necropsy all stifle joints were stable to an anterior drawer force with no significant limitations in passive range of motion.
Today's technology also can interfere with forming solid alliances, which can stifle excellent ideas.
He almost choked on his meat but managed to stifle his sudden reaction to her statement with a hastily gulp of water.
Jake shot a look at them and they abruptly stopped, trying to stifle their laughter.
And, well, I simply couldn't stifle my giggles.
The bureaucracy, hidden taxes and social-security payments burdening German employers are so onerous, they stifle new enterprise.
This will simply stifle business activity and unjustifiably obstruct the free movement of people within the EU.
‘He hurt a stifle behind in the Belmont,’ the trainer told us.
We reject them because they will put still more power to politicians and bureaucrats, because they stifle economic development rather than fostering it.
Given the climate and the other equally ridiculous laws being proposed to stifle innovation, my hopes aren't very high.
I stifle a barely-controlled giggle and pray for our stop.