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stiffen / коченеть, деревенеть, окоченеть
stiffen, grow numb
grow numb, stiffen
make or become stiff or rigid.
he stiffened his knees in an effort to prevent them from trembling
Nicole followed my gaze, and I saw her visibly stiffen at the sight of her sister.
And strikes can backfire: lack of public support can stiffen government resolve.
He looked at me, and even though he smiled, I could see his posture visibly stiffen .
On the other hand, this intimate contact with war can stiffen your resolve.
Politicians stiffen penalties, and the police increase man-hours and arrests.
Legislation that will stiffen the penalties for the offences of kidnapping and false imprisonment ought to be passed.
After the German Army was chased across France, resistance began to stiffen .
The Queen heard it as well, for Margaret saw her shoulders stiffen almost imperceptibly.
Did his face stiffen for a moment there or was it just my imagination?
Thicker foam also will stiffen the base fabric more than thin foam and requires the stability of heavy fabric, such as denim.