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stickler / приверженец, ярый сторонник, упрямый спорщик
имя существительное
adherent, supporter, devotee, partisan, stickler, lover
ярый сторонник
упрямый спорщик
имя существительное
a person who insists on a certain quality or type of behavior.
a stickler for accuracy
a difficult problem; a conundrum.
She was a stickler for formality and any transgression against the rules and regulations angered her.
I am a stickler for objectivity in journalism, but I had started out with the impression that I would be dealing with a world of half-truths, stretched laws and dodgy dealings.
Fluent in five languages, highly informed and a stickler for precise dates and details, she is equally at ease mothering me with biscuits, stuffing plant cuttings into my hands or scolding me for my dismal grasp of the Czech language.
He told a story involving a commanding officer who was a stickler for precision, and whose great aim was to see the trombone players of the band with their elbows at the same angle.
Rough and tough, Neale asked a lot and was a stickler for perfection.
A stickler for perfection, she would inspect the cellars at night to make sure everything was right.
I was a stickler for tradition, just like my dad.
I shook it, but could tell from the way her eyes twinkled that she was anything but a stickler for formality.
a stickler for accuracy
But Waugh is a stickler for the protocol of language, manners and tradition.