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stickleback / колюшка
имя существительное
stickleback, tiddler, tittlebat
имя существительное
a small fish with sharp spines along its back, able to live in both salt and fresh water and found in both Eurasia and North America.
Such video techniques have been particularly effective in female mate choice studies in fishes, including guppies, sticklebacks , and swordtails.
Familiarity develops over a period of time; in both the guppy and the stickleback , it develops gradually over approximately 2 weeks.
Examples include the red markings of salmon, stickleback , and guppies, in addition to many birds.
The three-spine stickleback is a fish known for its tremendous variability in size, physiology, and behavior.
In the open water, long spines help protect the stickleback from being swallowed by large predators.
Although most species of stickleback can adapt to salt, brackish, or fresh water, unarmored threespine sticklebacks appear to be limited to fresh water.
Although Daphnia are not used by humans as a food source directly, they are involved in many of the foodchains necessary to sustain fish that we consume or use commercially such as sticklebacks , minnows and young Sockeye salmon.
For example, in sticklebacks , a large fish distracts predator attention from the smaller ones, and an individual may decrease its risk of predation by locating close to a more preferred prey.
There are also rudd, bream, eels, gudgeon, crucian carp, tench, minnows, perch, sticklebacks , the odd trout, pike and barbel present.
Some researchers believe that the two lineages of marine and freshwater sticklebacks are an example of evolution in action, since records indicate that some of their adaptations have occurred in only the past 10 years.
The diverse genes hypothesis is supported by a study of sticklebacks .