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sticker / наклейка, этикетка, клей
имя существительное
sticker, sticky label
label, sticker, tag, tally, docket
glue, adhesive, paste, cement, size, sticker
a disabled sticker for our car
The yellow sticker is a defect notice, indicating that the car fails to satisfy the roadworthy standards for the state.
He had yet to notice the price sticker still on his briefcase.
On the paper covering the back of the print was a sticker with her name in English.
I noticed that the sticker I gave him, rather than getting stuffed in a pocket to become forgotten or disposed of, was still resting on the table next to his right hand.
The license terms can be printed on the sticker or the shrink wrap or be viewable through the shrink wrap as in software packaging.
car sticker
That's when I noticed the little sticker on the window explaining the purpose of the ‘Child Safety Lock’.
The sticker was an official notice stating that the car had been reported as abandoned and that it would be towed away in seven days.
The first thing I noticed is a yellow sticker on right part of the dashboard in the taxi I took.