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stick-up / налет, ограбление
имя существительное
raid, bloom, touch, swoop, scurf, stick-up
robbery, loot, burglary, heist, pillage, stick-up
имя существительное
an armed robbery in which a gun is used to threaten people.
He stormed in brandishing his weapon and bellowed at staff and customers, including a rather shocked police officer, that a stick-up was under way.
In Pulp Fiction, Tarantino snapped his various episodes into alignment with the framing device of the restaurant stick-up , in which violence was averted and at least one character found redemption.
I had strolled into a genuine stick-up
He walks up to a teller and announces a stick-up .
The opening shot, a stunning long take from a fixed camera, dispassionately observes the fumbling stick-up of a jewelry store.
All right, people, stay on the ground… this is a stick-up .
Ironically, banks probably lose more money to inside jobs than over the counter stick-ups .
He got away clean in many of his other stick-ups .
And you've got to look to see if there are other individuals that partook of some parts of the crime spree itself- you know, maybe armed stick-ups .
Their slapstick stick-ups keep escalating till they realize that all of Dick's former co-workers have also turned to a similar life of crime.