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stewardess / стюардесса, бортпроводница, горничная
имя существительное
stewardess, air hostess, hostess
stewardess, hostess, air hostess
maid, housemaid, chambermaid, parlourmaid, parlormaid, stewardess
имя существительное
a woman who is employed to provide meals for and otherwise look after the passengers on a ship or aircraft.
They looked, for the most part, to be models, airline stewardesses , executive secretaries, fashion buyers and boutique managers.
The stewardess came back and called for the passengers to board.
Eventually, when the trolley gets to me, the stewardess pulls out a tray and places it in front of me.
I smiled at the air stewardess , pushed my bag away and quickly fastened my seat belt.
A stewardess came by then and told them to fasten their seatbelts because they would be landing soon.
A large luxury helicopter awaited the three and as they approached a stewardess appeared as if by magic.
She hurriedly called a flight stewardess who was coughing badly at the back.
Slightly surprised, they walk in only to be greeted warmly by a stewardess and ushered to a table.
The next showed a stewardess flying a crippled plane after the pilot and co-pilot had been knocked out.
air stewardess
She landed a job as an air stewardess with Arab Airlines.