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steroid / стероид
имя существительное
He took, supposedly or allegedly, this designer steroid that helped him run faster.
Vitamin D is a steroid produced in the skin through a reaction between cholesterol and sunlight.
First there were the highly publicized congressional hearings on steroids in professional baseball.
Although brain inflammation is evident in Alzheimer's disease, prospective trials of steroidal and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have failed to show benefit.
You know using steroids or human growth hormone to add slabs of muscle is cheating.
If he has a poor spring, some will doubt he even belongs in the big leagues without steroids .
Little is known about the steroids associated with these structures in hagfish.
In the 1980s steroids were the rage among power athletes, like weightlifters and sprinters.
Detecting successive generations of designer steroids will require a different type of sleuthing.
Conjugated estrogens, a subgroup of the broad group of steroidal estrogens, are already listed as ‘known’ and drug labeling or package inserts discuss the possible side-effects that occur in some people.