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sterling / стерлинговый, полноценный, установленной пробы
имя прилагательное
of full value, sterling
установленной пробы
имя существительное
фунт стерлингов
pound sterling, sterling, pound, nicker
английская валюта
в фунтах стерлингов
имя прилагательное
(of a person or their work, efforts, or qualities) excellent or valuable.
this organization does sterling work for youngsters
Ingrid has been doing some sterling work on the problems in the Sudan.
They are committed to the cause and do a sterling job for the community.
Although the strength of sterling is often cited as a deterrent to investment, inward investment into Britain is still very high.
The strength of sterling against other currencies can turn an enjoyable holiday into an expensive trip.
Yet there is one common thread and that is the frequent letters of thanks from patients and their grateful relatives for the sterling work of our local hospitals and health services.
Some of the Irish money was converted into sterling and is believed to have been smuggled back into the country, the sources said.
They froze his accounts worth 4 million sterling pounds.
But why are all prices charged in sterling on an Irish airline, even on flights between two eurozone countries?
In the historiography of post-war Britain, the management of sterling as an international currency is often seen as an example of this dilemma.
Manufacturing exports have not done too badly, despite sterling 's strength.