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stepper / хороший ходок
имя существительное
хороший ходок
good goer, good sailer, stepper
имя существительное
an electric motor or other device that moves or rotates in a series of small discrete steps.
The two-sided timing belt is driven by a stepper motor in synchronism with the turret.
a portable block used in step aerobics.
a horse with a brisk, attractive walking gait.
choosing a showy gray stepper for May's brougham
The drums were mounted on a platform that could be raised and lowered by an additional stepper motor.
They are suitable for use with any standard two-phase stepper motor and offer four, user-selectable resolution settings.
Each probe can be moved in two directions, axis and angle, by stepper motors through a remote-control system.
Spectra were acquired before the stepper motor began moving, throughout the 6-blanch cycle, and after the blanch cycle was completed.
The electronic throttle inputs are sent to a stepper motor which controls an eccentric shaft positioned next to the intake camshaft.
The beam passes into an optical assembly consisting of cradled prisms connected to leadscrews and stepper motors that allow for horizontal and vertical motion, which creates a virtual source.
Both pistons are moved via cams by stepper motors.
I used a power stepper to transform the frequency and also to down the voltage from 240v to 110v.
The relationships linking the stepper motor position (number of steps) and wavelength have been obtained by averaging the results of more than 20 spectra.
Instead, the typewriters of today have a couple integrated circuits, a power supply, one or two stepper motors, a ribbon cable, a daisy print wheel, and a whole lot of air.