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steppe / степь
имя существительное
steppe, prairie, veld, veldt
имя существительное
a large area of flat unforested grassland in southeastern Europe or Siberia.
By the mid-sixteenth century Crimea, the southern Russian steppes, the Kazakh steppes , and western Siberia had come under Islamic law.
Swift habitat includes desert oasis, Mediterranean scrub, steppe , farm or grassland, urban areas, forest and canyons.
Across the country extend belts of tundra (in the far north), forest, steppe , and fertile areas.
It is a dry land of mountains and steppes , with some plains in the valleys of the heartland.
The arctic meadows, tundras, and steppes contained the herbaceous plants, leaves, and sprigs of shrubs and low shrubs needed for the mammoth to feed on and survive in glacial Siberia.
During the following days, we will cross green frozen steppes , sandy deserts, narrow gorges and canyons, and all the guises that mountains are apt to take.
You must learn the traditions of the plains and steppes .
From the borders of Europe to the frozen steppes of Siberia and the Pacific coastline of Vladivostok, Russia is still geographically a powerful presence despite having shed its Soviet-era neighbours.
The Pope, who aides say is losing sleep over the possibility of war, celebrated a Mass that began with a stiff wind blowing in from Siberia over the flat steppes and ended in sunshine.
Olga was born and grew up on the steppes of southern Siberia.
Most of the country is covered by steppes , with desert areas and some patches of cultivated land.