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stepfather / отчим
имя существительное
stepfather, stepparent
имя существительное
a man who is married to one's mother after the divorce of one's parents or the death of one's father.
Researchers interviewed all 162 children (initially at an average age of eight and a half) about their relationship with their mothers, fathers and stepfathers .
Gorky's mother remarried but the stepfather was as bestial as the rest of the family.
He was born and raised in Edinburgh, later discovering that the man he had known as his father was his stepfather .
My strength is large animals - my mother and my stepfather were farmers, and I used to work at a livery.
How did your mother react to the fact that you and your stepfather didn't get along?
Like the above author I also grew up in a household where my stepfather abused my mother.
He had a positive relationship with his stepfather , although the longing for his real father never abated.
His stepfather spotted him in some bushes, and was trying to catch him when the tragedy happened.
She did remarry a wonderful man who was a super stepfather to us.
She only knew that she had to get away; from her stepfather , her mother, from Sam.
Caroline never met her stepfather and her mother would never hear her voice again.