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stepdaughter / падчерица
имя существительное
stepdaughter, stepchild
имя существительное
a daughter of one's husband or wife by a previous marriage.
My husband has a stepdaughter from a previous marriage.
My husband has a stepdaughter from a previous marriage.
Your sister will tell you all about it (she's your stepsister, my stepdaughter , but like blood all the same).
Her stepmother wants the family's boarding house for herself - and is prepared to have her lying stepdaughter committed to an insane asylum to get it.
Yet, it's understandable your mom is being generous to her stepdaughter and getting cozy with her new husband.
The couple left two sons and an adopted stepdaughter .
Today we brought my eldest stepdaughter to see the doctor.
He found several messages waiting for him, including a couple from his wife and one from his stepdaughter .
I've left many times due to my husband's verbal abuse and poor treatment of my oldest daughter, his stepdaughter .
You should take a cue from her husband and see your stepdaughter as a child, too.
He gained additional wealth, perhaps eight thousand pounds when his stepdaughter died in 1773.