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stepdad / отчим
My stepdad is a contractor and he always hired more men over the spring and summer.
He told me of my dad, my stepdad , grandma, grandfather and an old flame who died when he was 21.
‘My stepdad has made some wise investments for me,’ he has said.
You're adjusting to a lot of changes, and it's not easy to accept a stepdad and stepsister.
That stems partly from his own childhood: his father left home when he was seven, and the only child then had to adjust to a stepdad and his four children moving in.
I heard glass smashing around me and then Simon and his stepdad grabbed hold of me.
Engineering was a trade that came quite naturally to him: ‘Both my dad and my stepdad are engineers, one electrical and one mechanical’.
Although really he is my stepdad I could not ask for a better father.
And my kids will have a stepdad instead of a mommy's boyfriend.
Plus when I was about 12 my stepdad cheated on my mom and I looked at my stepdad as a real father (he also had a child with this other woman).