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stepchild / пасынок, падчерица
имя существительное
stepson, stepchild
stepdaughter, stepchild
имя существительное
a child of one's husband or wife by a previous marriage.
He is survived by his wife, children and stepchildren .
His wife, two of his children and his stepchild are all American-born.
Our two children would play with Paul and Sharon's children and stepchildren .
She might be a mature actress now with a husband and two stepchildren , but she's still stunningly beautiful.
But even when the researchers adjusted the figures to take account of the the fact that stepchildren were more likely to have a parent who smoked, they found that the experience of being in a stepfamily in itself put them at risk of smoking.
In the first novel Carmen must discover where her place is in her father's home which now includes a new wife and stepchildren .
If the whole family cannot return with him to Pakistan, there is nothing preventing the respondent from returning to Pakistan and making an entry application to join his wife and stepchildren in the United Kingdom.
He really wanted to get his daughter and stepchildren to a safe place.
He is survived by his second wife, his son, daughter and three stepchildren .
Now, she lives there with her son, husband, three stepchildren and 18-month-old daughter.
The typical household unit is the nuclear family, consisting of husband, wife, and children or stepchildren .