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stepbrother / сводный брат
имя существительное
сводный брат
имя существительное
a son of one's stepparent, by a marriage other than that with one's own father or mother.
And yes, this sort of made Jason her stepbrother in both marriages.
There were reasons for his behaviour: a stepbrother died, his sister was killed in a train crash, his parents broke up and so, recently, did his own marriage.
And yes, this sort of made Jason her stepbrother in both marriages.
Carolyn leaves behind two brothers and a stepbrother , who were last night said to be totally devastated.
While catching up on some of my favorite sites, I read the following on Melanie's site about her stepbrother .
Helen's memories of long ago are interrupted by her annoying stepbrother when he decides to end his eavesdropping in favor of chocolate cake.
Watching events unfold on television Katie said that her immediate thoughts were for her stepbrother .
If so, realize your stepbrother has to adjust to this new family too.
But my stepbrother and I are named as equal beneficiaries of my father's estate.
You are still my stepbrother , and I know things about you that our mother doesn't even know.
Such friends as she has live a considerable distance from Plumstead, although she does have two stepbrothers who live not too far away.