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stentorian / зычный, громовой, громоподобный
имя прилагательное
stentorian, pipy, deep-mouthed
thunderous, stentorian, sidesplitting
thundering, stentorian
имя прилагательное
(of a person's voice) loud and powerful.
he introduced me to the staff with a stentorian announcement
A stentorian voice told viewers that only George Bush's robust approach could protect them.
I turn towards the direction of the stentorian voice.
‘Just so people understand, this is an ear candle,’ says Ames, in a stentorian deadpan that indeed suggests clogged ears.
Whether Nixon was entirely serious or merely trying to unsettle Kissinger is not altogether clear and, in his thickly stentorian voice, Kissinger replied: ‘That, I think, would just be too much.’
Asking for a recount in these large, Democrat-dominated counties left the Gore team fatally vulnerable to the charge that they wanted not all votes counted, as Gore kept claiming in his stentorian tones, but only all Gore votes.
‘So, how's it going?’ he said, his voice so stentorian , so loud, that I wondered if he presumed I was deaf.
He conformed to the social atmosphere of the time, and his standard English stentorian tones are probably the result.
It was a privilege to be in thrall to those stentorian tones, liberally laced with puckish humour, which delighted millions of cricket fans for decades, first on television and later on radio's immensely popular Test Match Special.
‘It's Superman’ became a catchphrase for two generations of listeners and his stentorian delivery was much mimicked.
The next thing I knew stentorian voices were to be heard outside, accompanied by high-powered torch beams piercing the shrubbery.