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stemware / бокалы, рюмки, фужеры
имя существительное
имя существительное
goblets and stemmed glasses regarded collectively.
When you design a back bar with mirrors and glass shelving for stemware , and then light it properly, this becomes as beautiful as a crystal chandelier.
Whomever loses the flip has to put aside roughly 45 minutes of time when calling for simple information like choice of stemware .
I've seen him stack glass stemware pyramid-style on his head and dance around the café.
Learn to tie fanciful bows or just tie a simple bow to the backs of dining chairs, around stemware or around your silverware.
Due to its stronger structure, crystal stemware can be made thinner than glass and hence contribute to the overall tasting.
Actually I have made arrangements to deliver our china, stemware , flatware and linens the night before.
The bar area is large by restaurant standards displaying copious wine storage and racks of marginally clean stemware .
Combine new and vintage candy dishes, stemware , stacked cake platters, bowls, and drink glasses in an arrangement of varying heights.
The tables are covered with brown butcher paper; the silver-tipped lightbulbs are bare; and everything is artfully mismatched, from seats to stemware .
Some people judge a restaurant by its stemware .
He removes the china, silverware, good stemware , strips the table of the linen cloth and the napkin and then slams the aggrieved bottle on the table.