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stem / стебель, стержень, ствол
имя существительное
stem, stalk, shaft, scape, culm, footstalk
kernel, rod, bar, core, stem, shaft
trunk, barrel, stem, shaft, bole, body
occur, happen, take place, be, come, stem
приделывать стебельки
delay, detain, stay, hold, retard, stem
имя существительное
the main body or stalk of a plant or shrub, typically rising above ground but occasionally subterranean.
Both the blue and the yellow have the classic, satiny translucent petals of the poppy tribe, both, characteristically, are held on wiry stems above the parent plant.
a long and thin supportive or main section of something.
the main stem of the wing feathers
the root or main part of a noun, adjective, or other word, to which inflections or formative elements are added.
This is a scientific term derived by making an English plural from octopod, which is the bare stem of the Greek word, not its singular.
the main upright timber or metal piece at the bow of a ship, to which the ship's sides are joined.
Experts who have been diving to the wreck off Portsmouth for the last month have excavated a five-metre-long piece of wood which they believe is the front stem of the ship's keel.
a pipe used for smoking crack or opium.
originate in or be caused by.
many of the universities' problems stem from rapid expansion
remove the stems from (fruit or tobacco leaves).
They will love making thumbprints in the cookies but might have trouble sitting still for less glamorous tasks like stemming cherry tomatoes.
(of a boat) make headway against (the tide or current).
But he, like Canute, will not stem the spring tide
stop or restrict (the flow of something).
a nurse did her best to stem the bleeding
slide the tail of one ski or both skis outward in order to turn or slow down.
science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (as an educational category).
the academy is seeking to appoint a Teaching and Learning Coordinator for STEM subjects
From stem to stern, your ship will be held together by a thick cable woven from the most tenacious strands of grass we can find.
The oldest surviving wine glass with a stem and foot are 15th century enameled goblets that holds more than four ounces of liquid.
We created an outside stop tap to stem the flow and then covered the hole over with boarding as a temporary measure.
The radiation of birds from the theropod stem may be an example of this sort of thing.
The rescue lasted for about two hours and the crew worked for much of the time waist deep in water as the waves broke over the stem of the lifeboat.
It is not a coincidence that suddenly today more and more children are turning up with reading disabilities that stem from a difficulty to process language.
an attempt to stem the rising tide of unemployment
Standing at the stem and watching her wide wake stretch to the horizon is a favorite pastime.
Middle portions of the stem show branch and leaf scars, which are disposed together in nodes.
Val Pellice produces a speciality cheese, the origins of which stem from the early Middle Ages when occasional Saracenic groups ventured into the Alps.