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stellar / звездный, звездообразный, ведущий
имя прилагательное
star, starry, stellar, sidereal, starlit, astral
starlike, stellar, stellate, stellated, starry, stelliform
leading, master, principal, key, guiding, stellar
имя прилагательное
of or relating to a star or stars.
stellar structure and evolution
He has photographed enough stellar nebula, white dwarfs and pinwheel galaxies to fill many a photo album.
Nonetheless, the date featured a stellar line-up of talent and those in attendance were quite appreciative.
The audience loved him, but he seemed oddly unaware of the crowd, as if he was a star actor giving a stellar performance to a television camera.
In many cases, soldiers who were not stellar performers in the rear not only rose to the challenge but also impressed us every day.
Bensusan has established himself as a compelling concert performer and a stellar contributor to worldwide music festivals.
Altman must pull the strings for a stellar cast of 48, while interweaving maybe 20 storylines into a coherent whole with the aid of two observers.
Instilling these values guaranteed my friend a stellar credit rating and history.
Because planets are so dim compared to stars, technology has not been able to spot them amid stellar glare.
I researched my vet and found that although one nearby was okay, one only a short distance further had a stellar reputation.
It has been used for observations ranging from galaxy structure to stellar evolution.