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stein / глиняная пивная кружка
имя существительное
глиняная пивная кружка
имя существительное
a large earthenware beer mug.
Show girls decorated with very large pretzels, beer steins , sausages and other German motifs frame a goose-stepping Ziegfeld Follies-style routine involving Hitler Youth for a big finish like no other.
Deutschland is no longer ‘uber alles’, but rather ‘very sorry, have a stein of our superior beer’.
Spike, who was sitting beside him, was looking down too, nursing a huge beer stein that was more than half empty.
The room is no more and no less than she expected, down to the beer stein on the end table and the poorly framed print of the blond boy in lederhosen.
Madrid beckons with bars, cafes, and bathhouses that cater to older guys; and in any Munich kneipe (traditional German bar) you'll see men of all ages lifting a stein .
As the 65-year-old made his final bus journey back to the station, he was treated to a grasstrack bike display and a stein of cool beer.
Sure, it used to be locally caught walleye or perch, served up at the neighborhood tavern with a healthy stein of Milwaukee's best beer.
A maid went by and Anya grabbed a stein off of her tray.
After three of the most exciting and invigorating weeks anyone can remember, Jones will have felt entitled to raise a celebratory stein at a job well done here last night.
It's a place where the rank and file once began every workday at the crack of dawn with a heaping stein .
They whole time you have a full stein of beer in your hand and while everyone else around you has moved on to the more suitable late Thursday night beverage of water.