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steersman / рулевой, штурман
имя существительное
helmsman, steersman, coxswain, cox, wheelman, wheelsman
navigator, pilot, navigating officer, steersman, sailing master
имя существительное
a person who is steering a boat or ship.
Aft are the helmsmen, the best of the master steersmen .
The boat is propelled by three standing rowers and - unlike Carpaccio's fisolieri - an additional steersman .
Hebden is a steersman , not a dictator, even though it's his hand that places and defines every aspect of this music.
While I was thinking about the legend and looking at the rocks, the steersman suddenly told me to hang onto my life-jacket tightly and to lie down on the raft.
The machine is made up of ten bicycles that have been chopped up and welded together with five riders on each side and one seat in front for the steersman .
A story is told about Pantai Norasingh, a steersman of the royal barge, who accidentally ran aground while taking Sanphet on an inspection tour of the river.
‘Aye, captain! ‘came the reply from the burly steersman already standing between the tillers of the huge steering oars.’
After we were pulled aboard, the steersman headed back toward the docks.
Each team comprises 18 paddlers, one drummer, one steersman (also called a sweep) and one flag-catcher.
If the steersman pushed the helm away from him, the rudder-blade would turn its inner side forward and the ship would swung to port.
The steersman 's cockpit was set at the stern, just fore of the twin metal smokestacks with ornate tops.