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steerage / рулевое управление, рулевое устройство, управление рулем
имя существительное
рулевое управление
рулевое устройство
steering gear, steerage
управление рулем
steering, steerage
имя существительное
the part of a ship providing accommodations for passengers with the cheapest tickets.
poor emigrants in steerage
the action of steering a boat.
he lowers his sails and enters softly, with gentle steerage
poor emigrants in steerage
In Titanic, virtually every Englishman was insufferable, while happy Irish fiddlers and dancers created a wonderful atmosphere in steerage .
Writing of the conditions in steerage , one cabin passenger commented ‘poor creatures, it is a horrible place between decks, so many people in so small a space, I wonder how they live.’
By virtue of clothing alone, it was not at all difficult to tell which passengers were steerage , and which were first-class.
Letters and travel diaries indicate that dancing was an activity enjoyed by both steerage and cabin passengers, illustrating dance's potential as a site for exchange between these groups.
Dickens is especially convincing about the wretched conditions experienced by emigrants who travelled in steerage .
poor emigrants in steerage