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steeple / шпиль, колокольня, пирамидальная крыша
имя существительное
spire, steeple, capstan, pin, needle, top
belfry, campanile, steeple
пирамидальная крыша
имя существительное
a church tower and spire.
In a few weeks the females will lay as many as five eggs each in nooks of old roofs, in church steeples or in ancient walls surrounding Muslim and Jewish holy sites in the Old City.
Perched on the top of a mountain, Letefoho sports a majestic cathedral with a steeple of praying hands mounted on the roof.
He could see the Presbyterian Church's steeple over the low roofs of the office buildings and warehouses, and he could hear cars, so he knew where to go.
All I could see of it was the church steeple and point of the roof of Town Hall.
Atop one of the lower hills, a lone building shaded by a grove of oaks stood watching over the rest; a white steeple protruding skyward from the shingled roof as if reaching for the heavens themselves.
He pointed at the end of the road, about a quarter-mile down, where a small church steeple rose above the maze of jagged red roofs.
The one room building was lop-sided now, and a portion of the roof had collapsed in on itself, causing the steeple to lean and crumble.
The roof was curved upward, with a steeple at the top.
A little chimney jutted out of the back of the roof, beyond the steeple .
He was heading towards the small steepled construction nearby where, a passing flanker had informed him, he would be sure to find Dr Glover.
The floor was made of marble, reflecting off the chandeliers that hung from the steepled roof made of glass.