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steamy / испаряющийся, парной, насыщенный парами
имя прилагательное
steamy, fresh-drawn
насыщенный парами
vaporous, steamy, vapoury
misted, steamy, sweaty, weeping, dim
имя прилагательное
producing, filled with, or clouded with steam.
a small steamy kitchen
In the streets of the steamy capital, lifelike effigies of the 62-year-old former guerrilla leader are paraded around by supporters seeking votes.
Inside, the place was steamy and warm, filled with European trekkers, hippies, and mountaineers eating large portions of food.
And for the voyeurs, Tessa's steamy shower scene is shocking for TV fare.
Few flowers ignite such hot and steamy passion as orchids seem to.
A Kendal nurse is learning to treat snakebites and avoid malaria as part of his preparation for a trip to the steamy jungles of South-East Asia.
Jeans, T-shirt, Jacket all wet with the salty liquid, soggy with no clear way of drying himself out in this atmosphere, humid and steamy .
She leapt into the steamy recesses of the kitchen, and within two minutes was back, a large basket slung over one arm.
Along the way Cheryl bickers with her best friend Tamara, has a steamy affair, and cons her way into the lives of those who knew the elusive Fae.
Gorgeous models he met through the magazine, high priced call girls with sophisticated sexual prowess he had brought them all to the seclusion of his apartment for a steamy evening of sex.
Ironically, the medicine cabinet in a steamy , moist bathroom is not the best place to keep any medication - prescription or otherwise.