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steamship / пароход
имя существительное
steamer, steamship, steamboat, puffer
имя существительное
a ship that is propelled by a steam engine.
The Suez Canal, opened in 1869, shortened the route east for steamships , although sailing ships still went by the Cape.
Just up from Kirkhaven harbour, a series of rocks known as The Pillow boasts wreckage thought to belong to the steel steamship Scotland, which ran aground in 1916.
On the way north from Sumburgh Head to Lerwick we had dived the wreck of the Murrayfield, a small steamship that ran onto rocks off Mousa in dense fog in 1942.
The four deaths in the Forth area included a double fatality when two divers descended 65 metres to a wrecked steamship off Dunbar, East Lothian.
Certainly it is known that in 1901 he was based in Hong Kong and he refloated the steamship München which had run aground on Yap, Caroline Islands.
Further along the coast, we dive the only real wreck on this side of Ibiza, a well-broken steamship that was driven sideways into a rocky cove.
Under a blue sky we watch the steamship and fast ferry crossing to the mainland and the windsurfers trying their luck.
She was a three-masted steamship that went down while sailing from Boston to Liverpool carrying 400 cattle.
The next morning they bought an old steamship which was in the port of Baltimore, and renamed it the Exodus.
In addition Consolidated Lake Superior Corp. operated not only lake vessels, but also ocean going steamships and passenger boats as well, totaling 16 vessels.
A large amount of capital was required to transform forges into modern iron and steel industries, equip the shipyards to build steamships , and move from small workshops to modern factories.