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steamroller / паровой каток, всесокрушающая сила
имя существительное
паровой каток
всесокрушающая сила
пробиваться с боями
steamroll, steamroller
оказывать нажим
pressurize, lean on, steamroller
impose, force, intrude, enforce, thrust, steamroller
имя существительное
a heavy, slow-moving vehicle with a roller, used to flatten the surfaces of roads during construction.
Then he brought in steamrollers to flatten the rubble like parking lots.
(of a government or other authority) forcibly pass (a measure) by restricting debate or otherwise overriding opposition.
they would have to work together to steamroller the necessary bills past the smaller parties
This is hardly the place to rehearse the errors and elisions in his original article, or the way it allows its thesis like a steamroller to flatten the facts.
I record the Opposition's gratitude for the role that the Clerk and his office played in holding back the steamroller of the executive.
I am sure they expected to steamroller through their proposals.
Significantly, the two parties came together in the parliament to steamroller through the legislation creating the three new states.
It is an institution that encourages the rich and powerful to steamroller aside all opposition, if they can.
But I also hope that, god forbid, if their magazine against all odds becomes a financial success, their love of books and concern for writers isn't crushed out by some corporate steamroller .
America is the steamroller of modernity, and its forcing the Europeans to adapt.
He is concerned that Royal Mail intends to steamroller its cost-cutting plans in spite of all opposition.
Yat-Kha's music is a hypnotic mix of rock and folk, played on electric guitars and traditional Tuvan instruments, which one critic described as ‘not unlike having a steamroller driven over your head’.
‘People are now more religious,’ he says above the din of a steamroller smashing chunks of granite into a foundation for the new road.