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steaming / париться, парить, выпаривать
steam, swelter
soar, float, steam, hover over, hover about, plane
evaporate, digest, steam, boil down, concentrate
имя прилагательное
giving off steam.
a basin of steaming water
very angry.
I am fuming, steaming , spitting fire, yup I'm angry and it's not often I ‘do’ angry.
extremely drunk.
She said she could not remember what she had done because she was ‘blind steaming drunk’.
extremely hot.
The main criteria for late-night takeout is that it be spicy hot and steaming hot .
give off or produce steam.
a mug of coffee was steaming at her elbow
cook (food) by heating it in steam from boiling water.
steam the vegetables until just tender
(of a ship or train) travel somewhere under steam power.
the 11:54 steamed into the station
Place the wedges in a steaming basket over boiling water.
The being moved to the bedside table and brought a pitcher forth, pouring steaming water into a bowl and then producing a rag.
Lydia is sitting in a bathtub of steaming water.
She turned on the shower and scowled at the steaming water.
Soon they were all pushing her toward a tub of steaming water.
Daemyn returned a little later with a large bowl of steaming water
Kendall let out a slow sigh and turned to face Elma who had returned to her boiling kettle of water, lifting out steaming clothing with a thick stick.
An hour later, here she was, sitting in a padded barrel of steaming water, and having her hair untangled by her mother's maid.
The other four girls seemed nice, all of them were steaming drunk - as was I and all were glad they'd worn thongs.
Waimangu Volcanic Valley's highlight is its Inferno Crater, as well as powder blue, steaming waters and sheer crater walls.