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steamer / пароход, пароварка
имя существительное
steamer, steamship, steamboat, puffer
double boiler, steamer, bain-marie
имя существительное
a ship, boat, or locomotive powered by steam.
There were fast new attack transports, slow rust-scarred freighters, small ocean liners, Channel steamers , hospital ships, weather-beaten tankers, coaster and swarms of fussing tugs.
a type of saucepan in which food can be steamed.
Perhaps in preparation for a forced career change, Hayden brought with him a camping stove, frying pan, wok, bamboo steamer and food processor.
a wetsuit.
But next time I will bring a thicker wetsuit; a 5mm steamer would be about right for the deeper dives.
Place the cabbage in a steamer and cook for 10-15 minutes or until just tender.
To cook, place the chicken and its marinade in a large steamer over simmering water, and steam for 20 minutes or until cooked through.
For the verbena infusion: In a large, covered pot, line a steamer with parchment paper that has been slashed to make small vents.
She sank in 1942 on top of the wreck of the Montana, a paddle-wheel steamer that went down on the reefs in 1893.
Place the ramekins in the prepared steamer and cook until set, about 20 minutes.
The rattle of a pudding bowl in the steamer ensures that, two hours later, you have a glorious coconut and jam sponge pudding that evokes childhood.
Placing the assembly on the stove and the lid on the steamer , she checked the kitchen clock, shrugged, and turned the flame to ‘Medium’.
Close the shells and pack the mussels tightly into a steamer , or a colander placed in a pan with a little water.
Cook in a steamer until tender, adding the extra half cup of sherry to the liquid in the pan underneath for added moisture.
You could try to change little things that make her fat: is there a certain snack she won't stop eating or maybe a frying pan that needs to be swapped for a steamer ?