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steamboat / пароход
имя существительное
steamer, steamship, steamboat, puffer
имя существительное
a boat that is propelled by a steam engine, especially a paddle-wheel craft of a type used widely on rivers in the 19th century.
At one time, over 300 paddlewheel steamboats plied the Delta.
Marlow continues down the river on his steamboat with a crew of several whites and about 20 to 30 blacks.
A steamboat is a boat propelled by steam, but a riverboat is not a boat propelled by a river.
The sternwheel steamboat Delta Queen is paddling slowly along the Tennessee River, the early morning sun burning off wispy fog rising from a placid surface.
The 436-passenger paddlewheel steamboat returns to the river in a January 18 departure from its home port of New Orleans.
The novel, which was written by Frank Yerby, opens with Fox being thrown off a steamboat on the Mississippi River and ends with the destruction of his plantation, Harrow.
Eight city slickers had come to Montana for a six-day canoe trip down river from Fort Benton, once a frontier town of steamboats and gold miners.
Returning to America, Fulton continued developing steamboats and naval weapons until his death.
Before the Civil War, there was definitely an American river of that name, and steamboats , including showboats like the one commanded by Commodore Jackson, could navigate the river.
The supply steamboats began to ferry all of them across to the west bank of the Missouri, where men of the Thirtieth Wisconsin Infantry were building a new post, Fort Rice.
Brown testified to helping slaves obtain free papers and then either booking them on steamboats or helping them obtain work on the river.