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steam / паровой
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
steam, vapor, fallow, fume, exhalation, lea
evaporation, vaporization, transpiration, volatilization, effluvium, steam
energy, power, vigor, vitality, intensity, steam
enthusiasm, passion, ardor, steam, elation, will
steam, swelter
soar, float, steam, hover over, hover about, plane
evaporate, digest, steam, boil down, concentrate
выпускать пар
steam, blow off steam
двигаться посредством пара
имя существительное
the vapor into which water is converted when heated, forming a white mist of minute water droplets in the air.
He came out of the bathroom a few minutes after trailing steam and heated droplets of water.
give off or produce steam.
a mug of coffee was steaming at her elbow
cook (food) by heating it in steam from boiling water.
steam the vegetables until just tender
(of a ship or train) travel somewhere under steam power.
the 11:54 steamed into the station
steam the vegetables until just tender
They steam implacably ahead while the rest of us flail about in a sea of moral relativism and get nothing but mental cramp for our trouble.
I walked up to it and I saw white steam being sucked under the door.
But they really started to get up a head of steam when the United Nations started to take credit for the work that the American military was doing.
So now they're powering their mill for nothing, selling off the surplus energy to the grid, and condensing the steam to make hot water they can pipe into the locals' homes.
He also noted how much heat was needed to turn ice into cold water, or boiling water into steam : the phenomenon of latent heat.
One of their big players got up a head of steam and charged at me.
we were trainspotters in the last years of steam
They can be cut and burnt to produce steam to power turbines.
Already the no side has developed a significant head of steam with multiple and well-publicised launches and high-profile figures involved.