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stealth / хитрость, уловка
имя существительное
cunning, trick, stealth, trickery, guile, ruse
trick, ploy, ruse, stratagem, gimmick, stealth
stealth, by stealth, stealthily, in private
имя прилагательное
invisible, unseen, stealth, viewless, stealthy, sightless
имя существительное
cautious and surreptitious action or movement.
the silence and stealth of a hungry cat
имя прилагательное
(chiefly of aircraft) designed in accordance with technology that makes detection by radar or sonar difficult.
a stealth bomber
These objectives, in the hands of the present Government, will almost inevitably impact on the activities of individuals and groups through regulation by stealth .
The US operates a fleet of more than 15,000 aircraft, including 20 stealth bombers in service.
Terrorism works to eclipse military use of ultimate weapons like stealth aircraft, precision-guided munitions, and nukes.
privatization by stealth
If this looks suspiciously like renationalisation by stealth , then at least this represents a positive move, considering the industry's poor record since privatisation.
A conventional aircraft ‘package’ may employ up to 40 aircraft, while a stealth aircraft can conduct the mission by itself.
But while one of these electro-optical sights will see a stealth aircraft, a radar would not be able to point it in the right direction.
In fact, given our advantage in manned aircraft and stealth technology, no enemy is likely to challenge us directly in those areas.
The cause of the attack has been kept vague so far, there were early reports of a U.S. military accident involving a stealth bomber, but nobody's believing that for long.
With the stealth technology in our hands, we have designed countermeasures.