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steal / красть, воровать, угонять
steal, swipe, thieve, glom, snitch, hook
steal, pilfer, thieve, mooch, plunder, prig
steal, drive away
имя существительное
theft, steal, robbery, larceny, thievery, job
theft, stealing, steal, larceny, thievery, scrounging
выгодная покупка
bargain, a good buy, steal, snip
имя существительное
a bargain.
for $5 it was a steal
an act of stealing something.
New York's biggest art steal
take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it.
thieves stole her bicycle
move somewhere quietly or surreptitiously.
he stole down to the kitchen
The tax is only $8 and that's a steal for the show you'll get.
United's Chris Smith spotted a half-chance and raced in to steal possession and prod the ball home.
Christofi refused to name the exact bacteria for fear rival microbiologists might steal the idea, which the university patented late last month.
No matter how maddening a baserunner might be, a steal remains 90 feet.
Those lucky enough to steal a glimpse while the church was closed for renovations had reported that his frescoes were truly magnificent.
Wished you had something new and unique to wear that will steal a look from those around, when you go to a party?
The puppy love story in the film - Chava falls in love with a girl more or less his age and they steal kisses once or twice - is too pat and conventional.
Not only that, they are more likely to take bribes, sleep their way to the top, steal the ideas of a colleague and pass them off as their own or to resort to character assassination.
I'm not saying what it's about because I don't want anyone to steal the idea.
He tried to steal third base in the fifth inning, only to discover it was already occupied by a teammate.