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steadfast / стойкий, устойчивый, твердый
имя прилагательное
persistent, resistant, stable, steadfast, enduring, lasting
stable, steady, sustained, strong, persistent, steadfast
solid, hard, firm, strong, steadfast, rigid
имя прилагательное
resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering.
steadfast loyalty
The men ridicule him and laugh at him, but Wang Lung is steadfast in his resolution.
It is unfortunate and painful to see the fall of a dream city that earned a steadfast place in the international arena.
Once again, the American people have been steadfast and determined not to lose our nerve.
You've got to just hold steady and steadfast and unwavering in certain situations.
The British government has remained steadfast in its refusal to return the marbles.
So steadfast is Archer, that the West Indian is heard praising our hero's pluck and courage ever after.
He left as his legacy not the dream of an independent state, but a corrupt and chaotic system and the steadfast refusal to compromise.
They have been there, they have been there, steadfast in the fight against terrorism.
Their steadfast love in the face of horror can only be admired.
We need to take seriously their steadfast refusal to admit even their most obvious mistakes.