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stave / палка, шест, бочарная клепка
имя существительное
stick, cane, staff, stave, bevel, discipline
pole, perch, stave
бочарная клепка
lag, stave
снабжать бочарными клепками
имя существительное
a vertical wooden post or plank in a building or other structure.
It's like a workshop in Hades - you feel the heat from barrels set over open fires in the floor and hear the piercing din of hammers on steel as hoops are pounded onto staves .
a verse or stanza of a poem.
break something by forcing it inward or piercing it roughly.
the door was staved in
avert or delay something bad or dangerous.
a reassuring presence can stave off a panic attack
Japan had hoped that the resumption of talks in September would help the countries settle the issue and stave off mounting cries on both sides for further escalation.
He used his stave like a walking cane, swinging it before him with a tap of his boot.
The recital of her crime too was read out as she knelt, and then the executioner stepped forward with a wooden stave and dealt a hundred blows upon her shoulder.
The wood of the stave and arrow shafts was dark with moisture.
I started to crash to the stones of the courtyard, only to find myself being supported by Gareth, who had immediately dropped his stave to catch me.
a reassuring presence can stave off a panic attack
Every step of the film is grounded in common logic and practicality - civilian survivors mourn their dead, band together into surrogate families, stave off the infected and turn to soldiers for protection.
In his Alphabet des mouvements du corps humain he placed movement symbols on a special stave while recording the floor patterns above it.
As he searched, he spotted a wooden stave laying in the dirt.
Len Smith was attacked just seconds after reaching his 46th birthday and was beaten savagely with a wooden stave picked up in the beer garden of his pub in Salford.