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statute / статут, устав, законодательный акт парламента
имя существительное
statute, doom
charter, statute, regulations, rule, order, consuetudinary
законодательный акт парламента
имя существительное
a written law passed by a legislative body.
violation of the hate crimes statute
The powers bestowed by this statute are completely unlimited, restricted by no law or institution.
The principles relating to interpretation of statutes require that the words of a statute be given the meaning which they bore at the time the statute was passed.
We have precisely the same structure - a monopolistic, representation body endorsed by statute .
violation of the hate crimes statute
In my judgment, that argument does less than justice to the fact that the review procedure is provided for by statute .
The jurisdiction to stay, although introduced by statute in the field of arbitration agreements, is in origin an equitable remedy.
The founding meeting approved a statute and leadership of the organisation, banker Emil Hursev told journalists.
immunities granted to trade unions by statute
You can have a common law in the statute , I suppose, in some loose sense.
There may be the rare exception, such as a working sheep dog, which could fall within the statute , but the exception only proves the rule.