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status / статус, состояние, положение дел
имя существительное
status, state, condition
condition, state, status, position, fortune, situation
положение дел
state of affairs, status, juncture, contour
имя существительное
the relative social, professional, or other standing of someone or something.
an improvement in the status of women
the position of affairs at a particular time, especially in political or commercial contexts.
an update on the status of the bill
Her bold actions have elevated her to the status of national hero and prompted thousands of offers of marriage.
Perhaps this argument seemed so incontrovertible that it did not qualify for elevation to the status of a test.
an update on the status of the bill
When the husband dies the widow often loses her position in society as well as her legal status and financial support.
an improvement in the status of women
So far, only two other railway lines have been granted the status from nearly 800 sites worldwide.
Men are just as likely to pile on the pounds whatever their social status .
So there is one more race to follow, and nearly enough candidates to apply for official club status .
Even in a community steeped in wealth and status , the Tanners were a distinguished clan.
If the monitor discovers serious failings the trust could lose its Foundation status .