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statuette / статуэтка, фигурка
имя существительное
statuette, figurine
имя существительное
a small statue or figurine, especially one that is smaller than life-size.
These call attention to tie fact that Frey's large sculptures often look like ordinary, blocky statuettes or cheap figurines that have been enlarged to humongous size.
The Queen was presented with a bronze statuette of a mines rescue worker and visited a memorial garden for those who died underground at the pit which was finally closed in 1993.
A bronze statuette of a Persian dancing boy with a high hat, long sleeves and pointed shoes also testifies to the ubiquity of foreign performers.
Moore himself requested the loan of the statuette for his show at the Museum of Modern Art in 1946.
The iconography of the Liege statuette further refutes the notion that it could have been offered in atonement.
On show at the festival are leather goods, clay statuettes , wooden showpieces, handloom garments, jute bags, paper articles, metal crafts and so on.
The reduced-scale copies of statuettes featured in these early photographs reflect a growing bourgeois market for such things, and with it the commercialization of art making itself.
But in France silver statuettes are documented as having at least faces and hands painted, as distinct from being enamelled, from the early fourteenth century onwards.
Armies of gilded statuettes of saintly figures adorned little notches in the chiselled stone walls and framed iconographic pictures hung from any spaces which weren't already occupied.
You see a small statue based on Edgar Degas' ballet dancers, along with other statuettes and a huge poster of cave art from Lascaux, France.
The Quentin Foundation has assembled a topflight collection of renaissance and baroque bronze statuettes , including some of the boldest statements made by Mannerist and baroque sculptors.