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statuesque / величавый, похожий на изваяние, застывший
имя прилагательное
stately, majestic, dignified, statuesque, proud, noble
похожий на изваяние
frozen, stark, set, jellied, statuesque, wintery
имя прилагательное
(especially of a woman) attractively tall and dignified.
her statuesque beauty
She was a tall, statuesque woman with sleek black hair worn on top of her head, flashing black eyes, a smooth tan complexion and she wore a flashing red silk early 19th century gown.
I love clothes - and the fair trade ones often are very expensive, and not designed for, erm, statuesque women.
Similar in height to his friend, the two paled in comparison to height of their third companion, a tall statuesque woman with whom black was a predominant color.
Despite advancing years and a little infirmity - the statuesque Lady Healey was on crutches recently after a knee operation - her ‘eternal summer’ has not faded.
When the smoke cleared, Queen Rizor and Queen La Faye stood, tall, elegant, statuesque , where the fireworks had been.
My grandmother, who had been widowed many years before, was a tall, statuesque woman with a kind and gentle face and manner.
A statuesque beauty beamed back from the pages.
Tall and statuesque with a thick mane of aspirin-white hair, she still radiates the famous beauty of earlier years.
He charged down the soft dry sand until he was right beside the statuesque girl and puffed out his chest comically.
The guests needed little reminding as the statuesque bride proved utterly captivating.