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statuary / скульптура
имя существительное
sculpture, statuary, imagery, sculpt, plastic art
имя прилагательное
sculptural, statuary, sculpturesque, plastic
пригодный для скульптурных работ
имя существительное
sculpture consisting of statues; statues regarded collectively.
fragments of broken statuary
Really, there are not pages enough in this paper to list it all: A bamboo grove, stained glass, carved statuary in stone and wood, inlaid tables, more.
On display are marvelous examples of statuary , jewelry, architectural elements, cylinder seals, and various decorative objects.
Once in Italy, he drew incessantly, copying antique statuary as well as more recent work by Michelangelo and Raphael.
During the course of the late third or early fourth century AD, re-use of marble statuary , rather than new production or new acquisitions sets in.
Coughing on the dust, they returned and closing the door, braced the benches against it and then piled some broken statuary swiped from the corridor against the benches.
In the Hippodrome, for example, statuary was marshaled to depict Constantinople as the New Rome.
Standing a bit over 6 feet tall, the bronzes had received a light, slightly pinkish, gray-ocher patina that strongly evokes classical statuary .
Stylistic borrowings from the exposition's classical columns, bold statuary , and reflective sheets of water soon found their way into new American gardens.
Day two at the Slieve Donard Hotel in Newcastle sees the sale of furniture, silver, china, glass, fine art and garden statuary .
Among the classically inspired statuary , saints, such as St. Fiacre, the patron saint of gardeners, are popular, Galvan says.