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stationery / канцелярские товары, канцелярские принадлежности, канцтовары
имя существительное
канцелярские товары
канцелярские принадлежности
почтовая бумага
note paper, stationery, writing-paper, letter-paper
имя существительное
writing paper, especially with matching envelopes.
It even encourages letter writing with a sampling of stationery and matching envelopes.
Instead she has her staff use photocopies of the stationery , which cost about half a cent each.
The school had contacted the district office last week to be told that stationery would be delivered this week.
There is also a reception area, ten private offices, a stationery room, a store room and a tea-station on this floor.
It's all a description of the picture in the upper left hand corner of the stationery .
Put it the other way round: if your hotel changed the stationery and towels overnight, would you know where you were?
Smith's stranglehold on the high street stationery market has not, however, always gone unchallenged.
Because he was subsidising his office stationery bill by being more entrepreneurial than the rules allowed.
Hit the post office for stamps and the stationery store for letter-writing loot.
We're not running most of the replies, because we don't have enough asterisks in the office stationery cupboard to make them safe for work.
They can claim for such things as staff wages, office space, stationery , travel costs and accommodation.