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stationer / книготорговец, торговец канцтоварами, книгоиздатель
имя существительное
торговец канцтоварами
имя существительное
a person or store selling paper, pens, and other writing and office materials.
You bought meat at the butchers, stationery at the stationers .
As he tramped the cobbled streets of early nineteenth-century London, clad in his elder brother's shabby overcoat, he decided to get work as a stationer and bookbinder.
Roger and I went to Gibert Jeune the stationer , near Place Saint-Michel, where we bought blue-cover student notebooks lined with graph paper.
cards can either be bought from a stationer or made out of ordinary file paper
When he was interviewed by GQ magazine, he heaped praise on the ‘many extremely fine products’ made by Smythson, an upmarket stationer and leather goods company with a shop in Bond Street, London.
Encore is the grand dame of wedding invitations so entrust your wedding invitations with a reputable stationer with over ten years in the wedding stationery business.
A stationer can print more than just wedding invitations.
You can draw up your own will - you can even download forms from the internet, or buy a form from a stationers .
They don't call them booksellers, they call them stationers .
We will provide stationers with a catalogue of the entire range and customers can place orders and get them delivered fast.
Another good idea is to get some labels, either buy some from a charity or just plain white ones from the stationers would do, and recycle those prepaid envelopes which come with your junk mail.