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station / станция, пункт, место
имя существительное
station, exchange, point, depot, stage
paragraph, item, point, clause, station, article
place, site, space, spot, room, station
железнодорожная станция
railway station, station, depot
железнодорожный вокзал
имя прилагательное
place, locate, allocate, station, dispose, set
ставить на определенное место
station, go
put, place, position, insert, set, station
deploy, station
put, set, place, raise, stage, station
имя существительное
a regular stopping place on a public transportation route, especially one on a railroad line with a platform and often one or more buildings.
Bruno has to fly out from Madras, so next stop is the railway station to book his train ticket.
a place or building where a specified activity or service is based.
a research station in the rain forest
a company involved in broadcasting of a specified kind.
a radio station
the place where someone or something stands or is placed on military or other duty.
the lookout resumed his station in the bow
a site at which a particular species, especially an interesting or rare one, grows or is found.
Thus, the southernmost stations for the plant in natural habitats are on Virginia's James and Chickahominy Rivers.
put in or assign to a specified place for a particular purpose, especially a military one.
troops were stationed in the town
A new commercial radio station began broadcasting to Fermanagh and most of Tyrone last Tuesday.
It's the kind of record you know you're going to buy twenty seconds into it but you stand at the listening station and sample every track anyway.
naval station
The buildings making up the Alice Springs repeater station are the oldest buildings of the town.
Scottish botanists are flying to China to open a research station designed to educate locals and tourists on the value of the nation's plants.
I went to New Zealand for a while to work at a sheep station , then I went to Melbourne.
This was the call sign of a Hamburg radio station which broadcast nightly news bulletins in English to the British people.
The lease on the Hoy auxiliary coastguard station building, where they store their equipment is up for renewal in May.
Another view of course is that Canberra is ‘A good sheep station , spoilt’.
He was on one large North Canterbury sheep station in a swampy area at the confluence of the Pahau and Hurunui Rivers.