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statewide / в масштабе штата
имя прилагательное
в масштабе штата
имя прилагательное
extending throughout a particular US state.
a statewide health system
When the bill passed, its opponents decided to kill it by bringing it to a statewide referendum.
There are no standards that have been utilized statewide or even countywide.
A statewide health campaign has movie theaters showing spots that promote fitness.
The statewide manager stalked through the aisles menacingly, not speaking a word to Ed and Tony.
Dr. George Bilicic says it is because he backed a bill to create a new statewide community college system.
At this level, it's only been a statewide investigation, but it's going to get federal.
A statewide criminal check may make the most sense for employees who live and go to school in one state.
There was some talk last year in Florida about taking similar statewide measures.
The next scheduled statewide election after March is nearly a year from now.
What's your view of how the state - how are you doing statewide in other elections, in the House?