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statesman / государственный деятель
имя существительное
государственный деятель
statesman, politician
имя существительное
a skilled, experienced, and respected political leader or figure.
He called for more effort on the part of all statesmen , politicians and church leaders to resolve the schism in the Orthodox church.
The difference between a politician and a statesman is the degree of common sense and courage shown in difficult times.
Now the attempt is being made to present him as a political statesman and martyr.
An extraordinary spiritual leader and a courageous statesman is no more.
A politician thinks of the next race, a statesman of the next generation.
The Prime Minister must use his position as a respected statesman to urge the US to restrain its military ambitions.
the elder statesman in the cabinet
he's a famous statesman
It's the outlaws and rebels that history often prefers to remember rather than the statesmen and leaders.
His idea of EU statesmanship - steering Europe by getting its political elite onto the same page - has dissolved in those two ‘no’ votes.
Many people around the world who were once labelled as terrorists are now regarded as international leaders or even statesmen .